Punter’s Club 2018

60 people maximum
$5 Per week

* Starts on Saturday 17th of February.

* Two players bet $50 each per week and the other $100 gets put away and divided at the end of the year as well as all winnings.

* Players who win over the $75 can bet the following week and keep betting until they don’t win over $75.

* The betting order will be done in alphabetical order.

* Your money can be paid in full at the beginning or you can pay the minimum $5 per week.

* Staff from the club will contact you when it’s your turn to bet.

* All tickets will be displayed at the TAB counter so all syndicate members can follow that week’s bet.

* All syndicate members will be invited to a function at the end on Sunday the 25th of November between 2 – 3pm, with drink and food supplied.

* The Punters Club will run until Saturday 17th November 2018.

* All money will be divided up on Sunday 25th November at 2pm.

Gambling Warning
Trading Hours - mon: 9am - midnight - tues: 9am - midnight - wed: 8:30am - midnight - thur: 9am - midnight - fri: 9am - 1am - sat: 10am - 1am - sun: 10:30am - 11pm


11:30am to 8:00pm


How to find us...

39-41 Bagster Rd,
Salisbury North SA 5108
(08) 8258 8153